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No Spend Month: Review and Highlights

I can’t believe September is coming to an end today. Time to reflect on how the month went financially. I definitely had some slip ups, but I had some great moments too where I stayed within budget on certain line items. As much as I wish this was a true no spend month, I did spend money and it taught me some lessons.

It seemed like a lot of things were just “coming up” because I didn’t have them originally in my budget. I had a random doctor’s visit because I got sick, then had to purchase medicine, got my car fixed and it ended up being more than I expected, had a random birthday celebration to attend and a charity donation.

I’m not perfect

Although I had every intention of sticking to the script and having a true No Spend Month, I realize that life happens. There are certain things that will happen unexpectedly and that is okay. I didn’t go back into debt for any of these things. I think that’s how I know that I am well on my way to financial freedom because I have come so far from the old me. The old me would’ve had a very YOLO attitude and just kept blowing through the budget. Actually, wait, that’s a lie. The old me didn’t even have a budget. I barely even checked my bank account balance back then because I was scared to see how low it was. Scared of the truth. So yes, I’ve come a long way!

Realizing that I am by no means perfect I want to focus on what went right instead of what went wrong this month.


  • My car gas expense this month was under budget because I did stay busy indoors. I stayed busy also by going to the gym, volunteering a few times this month and I finally finished a book I was reading.
  • I brought my lunch into work every single day this month. Meal planning definitely helps with this. Trust me I was tempted to buy lunch at work just about every day because our chefs are amazing. There was linguine and clams on the menu one day and I wanted it so bad! But goals, right?
  • Pinterest has been helpful is a lot of my meal planning. If there’s an ingredient in my fridge/pantry that I want to use up and get creative with, Pinterest is where I usually go for inspiration. For this reason I was also able to stay within my grocery budget. All that was left was $1.97!
  • I spent no money on parking this month. Woohoo! I was able to take public transportation every day into work by just making sure that I left my house on time.
  • The Katy Perry concert was last night and it was nothing short of AMAZING! This was in my budget because I knew that the concert was happening months ago. I was even under budget for this much needed night out.
  • I went to Target {my shopping weakness} and managed to walk right out with exactly what I went in there for. I did walk around and check out their clearance items. Lots of temptation to buy clothes and gadgets for the house, but nothing was an absolute necessity.
  • I returned a pair of shoes that I had ordered and didn’t fit me quite right. I got my money back and pocketed that bad boy.
  • I still have money left over for the month! All of this extra money will go towards my castle savings.
  • I sold my first item on Poshmark! I had set a goal earlier this month to sell something and make some extra cash and I did just that. I am going to list some more items and see if this could potentially be a side hustle for me.


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