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Embrace Your Journey


If I can offer any words of advice to you it would be: “Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s”.

It’s become so hard not to compare your life to the next person. Especially with social media platforms where people are constantly showing you snippets of their world. But remember that not everything that glitters is gold. That person could have a huge house, fancy cars and clothes, goes on luxurious vacations, etc. But what you don’t know is the level of the debt the next person has or the sacrifice that they took in order to pay off their debt and enjoy those things in life.

I would be lying if I said I’ve never wished I was traveling more than I am right now. It’s just the season of my life right now doesn’t afford me the types of vacations that I want to go on. The keyword is season; it’s not forever. I still go on a mini getaway once a year, but these trips are just more local and not as expensive. Trust me one day I will make my dream come true of finally visiting my #1 travel destination to London come true. I can hear the London accents and smell the tea already.


We have become a society that desires instant gratification. We want things to happen for us right away, but we need to practice patience and gratitude. Be grateful for the positive things that you do have in  your life today. Be thankful for where you are on journey even if you are in the beginning stages. The important thing is that you decided to begin and make a change to your prior circumstance.

No two journeys will be the same because everyone’s circumstance is different. Someone may be able to pay off their debt quicker than you because they have a larger salary and less expenses. Someone may be able to go on a vacation because their budget allows them to. Someone’s house might be bigger and nicer than yours, but at least you have a place to call home. Everyone has different priorities, but never lose focus of yours.

Not everyone will understand your journey. There will be people that will not necessarily agree with certain things that you do or don’t do, but that’s okay. Just stay strong and continue on your journey.

Your story is unique. Focus on your story. Share your story. You don’t know who’s life it will touch. Don’t worry about what the next person is doing because the more time you focus on them, the less time you have to focus on YOU. Focus on paying down your debt (every single dollar helps) and being financially secure for yourself and your family.

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