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FREE Finance Worksheet

Back in September 2013, I began my debt freedom journey of eliminating about $54K of debt. When I finally listed all of my debts and stared at the number, I have to admit I was scared. But I couldn’t let this fear keep me from getting rid of my debt. I had to take a deep breath and figure out a plan of action. What helped me get on track was finally realizing that this debt was keeping me from the dreams that I wanted to achieve in my life.

I don’t know about you, but I am a DREAMER.

I’ve been dreaming about being a home owner for a long time and now that I am finally debt free I am working on achieving that dream!

I’ve been working on a little secret project. I created a free financial worksheet for my readers and I hope that this worksheet is as useful for you as it was for me. I created a free and easy to use worksheet to help you begin your journey. Even if you have already started paying down debt, these questions can help you realize your money truth and figure out the tools you still need. These are basically the questions that I asked myself when I began my journey. It helped me lay the foundation of how I was going to tackle the debt and it gave me motivation when I felt like quitting by revisiting the dreams section.


Are you ready?

Find some quiet time. Grab your bills and get ready to total them up.

Once you have faced your financial truth, get ready to dream. What is going to be your why along this journey? It’s not going to be easy so you will need a couple of positive things that you are working towards to keep you going.


Get the FREE worksheet!

You can download the Nerdy Finances Worksheet by clicking the link provided.


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