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Castle Savings Update

One of the biggest goals that I am currently working on is to save as much money as I can towards my first home. I call it the Castle Savings because I love to dream big. I love castles – how they look, the history behind them and it being of a royal concept. Regardless of what I call the savings account, the goal is the same – to purchase a house!

I started saving towards this goal once I paid off all my debt last year. I’ve had months where I was able to save more than others. There have definitely been months where money was tighter because unexpected expenses popped up, “Murphy” visited, random vacations happened, etc. No matter the issue was I have made an effort to continue forward with this goal and not give up. I have been a renter for almost 10 years and I feel that it is time for me to invest in a home. Although I don’t know much about the whole home-buying process, I do know that I can figure out anything that I set my mind to. I have a supportive group of people that will also help lead me in right direction. I am actually excited about starting the process – going to speak with a mortgage broker and then connecting with a real estate agent that I can trust are the next steps.

In December I set a goal to jump from 30% savings to 50% savings. I felt like I was stuck at 30% for a few months and I wanted to kick it back up a notch. I set the goal a bit higher because we have to shoot for the moon, right? I’m happy to report that I was able to crush my goal and save up 51%.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Below I will list the steps that helped me get this huge goal accomplished.

Save my annual bonus

I am lucky enough to have received a bonus at work. I took the whole payment and put it directly in my castle savings account. I wish I could’ve taken a vacation with that money, but there will be a time for that. I just wanted to accomplish this goal!

Cut my expenses

This area was tough! I spent quite a bit of money in December – like ALOT. December was the month for Christmas presents, an unexpected hockey game {something I’ve always wanted to do with a certain group of friends & the opportunity presented itself}, holiday parties, a visit to Disney on Ice with my Goddaughter, and the list goes on and on. Still, I knew there were areas that I could keep in check like my grocery budget, gas, parking, and eating out. So I continued to monitor these areas and cut where I could so my month wasn’t a total fail.

Earn extra money

In mid-November I landed my first ever freelance writing gig. I submitted my first article in December and it was a wonderful experience. Thanks to my friend Kim Galeta who helped inspire me to start this side hustle. She has been such a big help and I definitely recommend anyone taking her freelance writing workshops if you’re interested in writing and earning some money from the comfort of your own home! I definitely plan on continuing with this side hustle in 2018!

I’m thrilled to have ended 2017 off strong and I have no doubt in my mind that I will do the same in 2018. I am soooo excited for what this year has in store for me! Here’s to being a home owner soon *cheers*!!!